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2013 (October) – MALL: Beyond the Classroom: Mobile Learning the Wider World

Beyond the Classroom: Mobile Learning the Wider World

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Ken Beatty, Professor of TESOL, Anaheim University

Executive Summary: Mobile learning has extended opportunities for making teaching and learning available beyond the traditional classroom. Associated technologies, software programs, and internet access have enfranchised many students who previously had little access to quality teaching. However, a paradigm shift has occurred in which learners are turning to new mobile learning opportunities to supplant traditional teaching as virtual extensions of earlier self-help books, phrase books, and audio-based language learning programs. Audio translation apps, augmented reality, and just-in-time learning approaches are providing alternatives to those with neither access nor time to learn a language. This paper examines the theoretical underpinnings of a range of technologies and applications, contrasting them with the traditional classroom and imagining the future of mobile language teaching and learning and the impact it will have on policymakers, teachers, employers, and learners.

Discussion of this paper provided by: Leonardo A. Mercado, Academic Director, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA), Peru

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Discussion of this paper provided by: Joyce Wangia, Director, Centre for Institutional Based Programmes, Kenyatta University, Kenya

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