To help demonstrate the “I” in “TIRF,” each year, after we award our latest Doctoral Dissertation Grant (DDG) recipients, we update the “TIRF Alumni” Map. Using Google Maps, the latest grantees are added to this online resource.

In addition, this year, we added our inaugural TIRF-British Council Research Mentoring Awards (RMA) recipients. As you will see from the map, the reach of TIRF’s programs is growing in countries where we previously had little activity.

The TIRF Alumni Map provides information about the DDG and RMA awardees, including their names, hometowns, titles of their studies, and, for the DDG recipients, links to summaries of their award-winning research. Supporters can also see information about other TIRF alumni – individuals who received a Masters Research Grant, a Priority Research Grant, or a Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship in years past.

As of September 2023, TIRF’s DDG program alone has resulted in supporting 195 grantees from many regions of the world. The DDG recipients awarded this year come from the following countries: China, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Turkey, and the USA. The recently awarded RMA recipients are from Algeria, Cameroon, Chile, Egypt, and Nigeria.

To see all the regions and countries where TIRF’s grantees hail from, please click here.