Last year in February, the Foundation announced a series of four quizzes that were developed to help commemorate TIRF’s 20th anniversary. And, as promised, TIRF has selected one of the individuals who successfully answered all five questions on one or more of the quizzes. (Click here to review the quizzes and the answers to the items.) This person will receive a book in the TIRF-Routledge “Global Research on Teaching and Learning English” series.

Kalina Swanson (right) Draws a Name from Kathi Bailey’s Coffee Mug

The process of selecting the book winner was a long and grueling process for TIRF managers Kathi Bailey and Ryan Damerow, but, thankfully, they had the assistance of rising language-education star and TIRF supporter Kalina Swanson, who is a student in the MA-TESOL program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). Rolling up their sleeves and sharpening their finest red-tipped pencils, these three TIRFers evaluated the millions of quizzes submitted to TIRF.

After days of being locked away in Dr. Bailey’s MIIS-based office in Monterey, California, surviving only on Subway sandwiches and Keurig coffees, the trio finally settled on the recipient of the book prize. The three evaluated the data, ensured industry-leading reliability standards were met, and declared Mia Jun as the winner of the 20th-anniversary TIRF quiz challenge.

Many congratulations to you, Mia, for not only demonstrating such deep knowledge of TIRF’s organizational and programmatic history, but also for having the odds greatly in your favor. While the book prize could’ve been anyone’s brave enough to wade the waters of the TIRF challenge, the day belonged to you!

Lastly, as a “better-luck-next-time” award, Dan Douglas, who is a long-time TIRF supporter, will also receive a book in the TIRF-Routledge series. Dan was an active quiz taker during the Foundation’s anniversary challenge, and such persistent effort ought to be rewarded.

Stay tuned, TIRF supporters, for the next round of anniversary quizzes in five years from now. On bated breath, it will be you awaiting the next opportunity for a TIRF book giveaway!