Just last week, TIRF participated in the 2022 TESOL Convention. Trustee Erik Gundersen and author Katherine Stannett engaged in a live Q&A session with participants from around the world, after their recorded presentation on social and emotional learning was made available to conference goers.

The presentation, entitled “TIRF Insights – Social and Emotional Learning for 5-18-Year-Olds,” was based on the first paper in the new “TIRF Insights” series. The paper, Social and Emotional Learning, was released just last month and is written by Katherine Stannett.

Participants joining the live discussion session were from Brazil, Honduras, Iran, Tanzania, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the USA, among others. The abstract for the presentation follows here: Students with strong social-emotional skills are more likely to thrive academically. The author of this year’s “TIRF Insights” paper shares recent research on helping students live well so they can study well. Join our research-informed discussion on helping children develop 21st-century skills and global competence while cultivating healthy identities.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for the discussion portion of the presentation, as well as Katherine and Erik for leading the presentation and discussion session. We hope to provide access to both the recording and the live Q&A at a later date on our website. Please be sure to follow us via TIRF Today and our website for further updates.