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Dr. Tasha Darbes is interviewed by TIRF Trustee MaryAnn Christison for the Foundation’s November newsletter.
Ms. Kimberly woo shares with TIRF newsletter readers details of her study, what receiving the TIRF grant meant to her, and more.
This interview features Dr. Fíodhna Gardiner-Hyland, a Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship Awardee. She shares details about her study, the need for language education research networks in the Arab World, and much more.
In this interview, we ask Dr. Tomohisa Machida to share information about his dissertation research, his current research interests, and what receiving a TIRF DDG meant to him.
In this interview, TIRF’s first Russell N. Campbell Doctoral Dissertation Grant winner, Dr. Steven Talmy, talks about the role the grant played in his completion of his dissertation and gives advice to novice researchers in the field of language learning and teaching.
This interview showcases information about Dr. Hassan El-Nabih’s dissertation research, how he is following through on what he learned from doing his research, and more.
Mr. Jaehan park shares his story about receiving a DDG from TIRF, as well as information about his study, current work, and more.
TIRF’s first Shiekh Nahayan Fellow, Dr. Muhammad Abdel Latif, explains how the findings from his doctoral dissertation affect English language teaching and learning in the Arab world, and the importance of the Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship.
Dr. Lixia Chengis interviewed by TIRF Trustee MaryAnn Christison for the Foundation’s November newsletter.
In this interview with TIRF, Dr. Fatima Esseili, a 2009 Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship recipient, talks about the research findings from her doctoral dissertation, and explores research initiative with which TIRF could be involved.
In this interview with TIRF, Dr. Polina Vinogradova, 2008 DDG recipient and winner of the Russel N. Campbell award, talks about her past, current, and future research interests, and discusses her postion at the American University in Washington, D.C.
Dr. Kholoud Abdullah Al-Thubaiti was awarded the Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship in 2009. In this interview, Dr. Al-Thubaiti discusses the findings from her doctoral research, and shares her current teaching responsibilities.
In her interview with TIRF, Dr. Ching-Ni Hsieh, 2010 Russell N. Campbell awardee, discusses her dissertation, current work, how receiving the award contributed to her professional development, and encourages prospective donors to give to TIRF.