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Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick

TIRF Newsletter Issue Date: April 2014


Description: The Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) at the University of Warwick, UK, was founded in 1983 as the Centre for English Language Teacher Education. Since then, its focus has broadened to include teaching, training, and research in the fields of intercultural communication and discourse analysis. However, many of the Centre’s activities still revolve around ELT/TESOL, including a suite of well-established MA in ELT programs, tailor-made short courses for visiting groups of teachers and students, and English for academic purposes provision for students across the university.

Examples of Activities:

  1. English for Academic Purposes: Based partly on two past large-scale research projects, involving construction of the British Academic Spoken English Corpus and the British Academic Written English Corpus, we have developed a number of academic English resources for use by teachers and learners.
  2. Innovative Methodologies:ELLTA staff members have played leading roles in the learner autonomy movement, and equally in researching the fields of language learner motivation and English for young learners.
  3. English in International Development: This area is an emerging priority for CAL, but we have for several years served as the academic hub for a research network on issues in teaching English in large classes and other difficult circumstances, with a focus on developing country contexts.