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Teachers of English in Iceland (FEKI)

The Icelandic Teachers’ Union was founded on 1 January 2000. It is a joint organization for all teachers, head teachers, deputy head teachers, and student counselors, in preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, and music schools – with the exception of head teachers in secondary schools. With 10.000 members, the Icelandic Teachers’ Union is among the largest professional organizations in Iceland. The strength this solidarity provides has been demonstrated during efforts to obtain better salaries and working conditions for teachers, and in negotiations for new wage contracts. The individual teachers’ associations that make up the Icelandic Teachers’ Union work independently, negotiating wage contracts for their own members. The Icelandic Teachers’ Union is concerned with rights and interests that are common to all members, such as pensions, sick leave and parental leave. The Icelandic Teachers’ Union also monitors general developments in wages and working conditions on the Icelandic labor market.