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APPI’s activity is focused on improving English language teaching in Portugal. To this effect APPI has been providing their members with a number of opportunities for building their own professional development. APPI’s mission is achieved through consistently appealing to members and teachers of English at large for a lifelong professional updating to be made possible both by APPI’s human and material resources. Since its inception, APPI has gone through various changes in finding the best way to achieve its principal aim: to help improve English language teaching in Portugal embracing teachers of all levels. Maintaining this aim has made APPI expand its professional activities and membership to being one of the largest and most active non-profit-making associations of its kind in Europe.

TESOL SUDAN is Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Sudan which is abbreviated TESOL Sudan. The association shall be an affiliate of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), an international professional organization for those concerned with the teaching of English as Other language. Now TESOL Sudan is working in collaboration with TESOL Arabia Testing, Assessment & Evaluation Special Interest Group. TESOL Sudan was established in 2009 as a non-profit professional organization for teachers of English in Sudan. It is run by seven volunteers as board members who are elected bi-annually. TESOL Sudan is based in Khartoum and funded by membership fees, donations, and sponsorships. So its success depends upon the initiative of sponsors and donors interested in teaching and/or learning the English language to share their vision for the field, stay informed on trends and concerns, inform others, and generate interest and collaboration among TESOL Sudan members. Since we are undergoing the process of being affiliated with TESOL International, we are adopting their mission, values, and vision taking into consideration our local context needs.

TEFL in YEMEN is a vital source of pedagogical knowledge and professional development around Yemen and the middle East. The site is a part of the TEFL in YEMEN Association established by the owner of the site, Khaled Alparaty, for the sake of embracing EFL Yemeni Teachers who are willing to improve their professional capabilities online. This Teacher Association has recently been an associate member of the IA TEFL. TEFL in YEMEN is a pioneer pedagogical educational website established and run by a group of Yemeni EFL professionals to hold innovative and creative views for the benefits of ELT, cognitive and practical domains. Its mission is to fight computer illiteracy among Yemeni EFL teachers, and to offer help and assistance by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity and achieving partnership and profound mutual understanding with other citizens, especially those professionals of the English speaking countries.

FAAPI, The Argentine Federation of Associations of Teachers of English is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1971. Through 27 local, regional and provincial Associations of Teachers of English, FAAPI affiliates all certified Teachers of English as a Foreign Language holding degrees granted by national, provincial and private universities, teachers” training colleges as well as other institutions recognized by the National Ministry of Culture and Education.


The mission of the association is to establish NELTA as a forum for enhancing the quality of English language teaching and learning through professional networking, supporting and collaboration. The main aim of NELTA is to improve the teaching and learning of the English language. In order to achieve this aim, NELTA has set the following objectives:

  • To raise the standard of ELT in Nepal by conducting training programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.;
  • To collaborate with the government in various strands such as ELT curricula, materials production, training, etc.;
  • To provide a forum for extending relationship among individuals, institutions and associations having similar goals;
  • To foster the exchange of idea, resources, information and experience among people associated with ELT;
  • To publish ELT materials, journal and periodicals; and
  • To establish a network among the professional association with interests and goal.

With these objectives in mind, NELTA has been working continuously for the betterment of ELT in Nepal. Apart from a Central Office established in the Kathmandu Valley, it has by now established a network of 15 branches, old and young, spread over various geographical regions of the kingdom outside the valley. NELTA’s strength consists in its members (more than 300 life and 2,970 annual). The beauty of NELTA is that its members include teachers from pre-primary to tertiary levels of education, ELT personnel working in the Ministry of Education and Sports, teacher trainers/educators, professionals associated with ELT and faculties from different Universities.

TESOL Italy is a grassroots organization, run by teachers and for teachers. It is a non-profit Italian organization founded in 1975 by Mary Finocchiaro and Renzo Titone along with other foreign language teaching experts and pioneers. It has approximately 400 members in Italy and abroad and is an affiliate of TESOL International Association, based in Virginia, USA, with over 12,000 members worldwide. TESOL Italy collaborates with people and organizations involved in English language teaching, including:

  • Italian Ministry of Education (Miur);
  • The U.S. Embassy – Public Affairs Section;
  • The British Council;
  • Other Professional Language Associations: ANILS, LEND, AISPI, ADILT, etc.;
  • The Fulbright Commission;
  • Italian universities; and
  • Regional educational authorities.

Peru TESOL operates through a National Executive Board of Directors for, among other things, organizing events, publications and membership. But we also have Regional Executive Directors and Regional Delegates throughout Peru, who keep us informed of the needs of their Regions. Membership is open to all people interested in providing English instruction to speakers of other languages. When you join Peru TESOL, you join other professionals who seek to advance the study of English as a second or foreign language and of standard English as a second language. Membership is for the calendar year, January through December. As a member, you will receive the Peru TESOL newsletter as well as information and registration materials for conferences and workshops organized by Peru TESOL. Individuals who pay their dues at the Peru TESOL National Convention may apply their dues to membership for the following calendar year. Peru TESOL also provides professional growth and leadership opportunities for members. As a member, you could serve on a planning board, work with a special interest group, assist with conferences or regional meetings, or serve on the Executive Board.

The Hamburg English Language Teaching Association (HELTA) brings together teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in North Germany. They are an officially registered, non-profit making organization. Our members, both native and non-native speakers of English, come from all teaching sectors. Our goal is to provide a forum for sharing experience and developing professional expertise.

The Far Eastern English Language Teachers’ Association (FEELTA) is a professional organization founded in 1995. Its mission is to strengthen the teaching and learning of English in the Russian Far East, to promote the professional development of EFL teachers, to support networking with colleagues all over the world, and to give access to the latest EFL resources. FEELTA headquarters is in the Institute of Foreign Languages, Far Eastern National University, Vladivostok. Today FEELTA is an organization of 500 members. There are currently 7 FEELTA posts in the Russian Far East: in Blagoveshchensk, Birobijan, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Ussuriysk, and Vladivostok (FEELTA headquarters). These posts provide ELT professionals with information and support within their geographical areas.

ASOCOPI is a non-profit professional organization whose mission is to contribute in the betterment of English Language Teaching in Colombia my means of promoting quality Educators. ASOCOPI will be seen as a respectable representative of English teachers and English teaching in Colombia, and will play a leading role in the promotion of quality teaching, and social responsibility in our country and the region.

TESOL-SPAIN was founded in 1977 as an independent, non-profit making Spanish association of English language teachers. Today, TESOL-SPAIN is a nation-wide organization with a membership that represents all sectors of English language teaching in the country. TESOL-SPAIN is an associate member of two international teacher associations: TESOL Inc. and IATEFL. We also maintain strong links with local teachers’ associations in Spain and abroad.

ELTAI provides a forum for teachers of English to meet periodically and discuss problems relating to the teaching of English in India by helping teachers interact with educational administrators on matters relating to the teaching of English. ELTAI also does the following:

  • Disseminates information in the ELT field among teachers of English;
  • Undertakes innovative projects aimed at the improvement of learners’ proficiency in English;
  • Promotes professional solidarity among teachers of English at primary, secondary and university levels; and
  • Strives promote professional excellence among its members in all possible ways.

ELTA (English Language Teachers Association of Albania) is an association which has been active in Albania since 2002. It was founded by a group of dedicated English teachers who saw the need for greater cooperation, integration, and professionalism in the field of English language teaching. ELTA works to foster collaboration and cooperation among teachers of the country and of the region and also providing teachers with opportunities for growth; the professional development of teachers will in turn raise educational standards and improve student performance in schools. ELTA has been active throughout Albania and has established links with counterparts in neighboring countries. en/default.asp

The China English Language Education Association (CELEA) is a professional organization under the aegis of the China Foreign Language Education Association. The aims of the Association are as follows:

  • To unite the academics engaged in English teaching and research at colleges and universities in China;
  • To promote academic research in the field of applied linguistics and the improvement of English language teaching in China; and
  • To promote academic exchanges in China and exchanges with international academic organizations.

UzTEA was established in 1996. UzTEA’s mission is linking, developing and supporting English Language teaching professionals. The purposes of the Association are:

to promote and encourage cooperation and exchange among teachers of English language, literature, and linguistics, and others engaged in those activities, and to promote academic work and foster research and study in this field; to promote the exchange of ideas, information, and experience relevant to the concerns of its members through meetings, educational seminars, publications, correspondence, and other such activities; to encourage the development and dissemination of superior methods of teaching English language, linguistics, and literature, and to aid in the attainment of increased teaching expertise, broad competence, intellectual depth, and overall professional excellence; to publish the newsletter of the Association, and other materials. Especially, to keep updated regional, national, and international developments in the fields, mentioned above and related areas.

EELTPA is an association of Ethiopian English language teachers and professionals which is formed by the initiation of a few English language teachers and is open to any Ethiopian who works as an English language teacher or professional. The Association actively promotes the teaching and learning of foreign languages by: 1) providing information and publications, 2) organizing professional development activities and 3) acting as a public voice on behalf of members. EELTPA aims to: 1) encourage an understanding of the importance of languages at all levels in our society; 2) promote the development of language policies which reflect the linguistic diversity and the language needs of the country and its population; 3) advance public understanding of language learning and the techniques and approaches for successful language teaching and 4) promote improved standards of language teaching.

TESOL CHILE became active in 2004 with its first national conference in August and its first international conference in December. The election of officers in December made Mary Jane Abrahams the president for a 2-year term. TESOL Chile became an official affiliate of TESOL international in 2005. Since its beginning, the organization has actively sought ways to unite English teachers in Chile and to foster professional development. TESOL CHILE’s mission is to strengthen the effective teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language in the nation of Chile while respecting individuals’ language and cultural backgrounds.

HUPE (Croatian Association of Teachers of English) is a professional association of people who are involved in ELT. It was set up in June 1992. As a vibrant professional association, it is continually evolving to meet its members’ interests and needs in the range of activities that it undertakes. The aims of HUPE are:

  • To promote and support the teaching of English and teacher education;
  • To promote professional collegiality and cooperation on national and international level;
  • To foster the exchange of ideas, resources, information and experiences amongst language teachers;
  • To disseminate information about language learning;
  • To provide teachers with opportunities for continuous professional development;
  • To provide a consultative service for language teachers;
  • To provide benefits for members;
  • To establish and maintain contacts with international organizations;
  • To organize lectures, meetings, workshops, study groups, conferences;
  • To start projects related to language teaching, education and culture;
  • To represent language teachers in dealing with government and other official bodies on professional matters; and
  • To benefit English language teachers to raise the level of professionalism through ELT.

IATEFL Slovenia offers a base for all those teachers who strive to become the best versions of themselves by offering independent, innovative and up-to-date seminars and conferences, regularly keeping our members informed through articles in our newsletters and sharing interesting and relevant information through our social networks on FB and Twitter.The association is a part of The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). It is primarily intended for Slovene teachers of English, but members from other countries and professions are welcomed as well.

LEVENDE Talen (Living Languages) aims to:
• Provide and develop language teaching in all living languages in a broad sense;
• Provide a platform for language teachers; and
• Represent interests of language teachers.

To achieve these goals, LEVENDE Talen organizes seminars and conferences on language teaching, informs its members about news and developments in the field with these magazines Levende Talen Magazine and Levende Talen Tijdschrift, via newsletters, via the website and via social media LinkedIn and Twitter.