TIRF Announces 2017 Alatis Prize Recipient

Dr. Katherine Mortimer

TIRF (The International Research Foundation for English Language Education) announced today the recipient of its 2017 TIRF James E. Alatis Prize for Research on Language Planning and Policy in Educational Contexts. Dr. Katherine Mortimer, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), was named as this year’s recipient of TIRF’s Alatis Prize, for her article entitled, “Producing Change and Stability: A Scalar Analysis of Paraguayan Bilingual Education Policy Implementation” (Linguistics and Education, Volume 34).

Dr. Katherine Mortimer is Assistant Professor of Bilingual/Biliteracy Education in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture at UTEP, where she is also Co-Director of the Ethnography of Languages, Literacies and Learning Lab, a collaborative resource for doctoral training in ethnographic research in support of biliteracy education. Dr. Mortimer’s research focuses on how we can improve educational experiences for language minoritized students by changing how we use languages in schools.

When learning about receiving TIRF’s Alatis Prize, Dr. Mortimer said the following: “It’s very much an honor to receive this prize and recognition. I am grateful to the Foundation and the reviewing committee, and I feel humbled that my work was selected from the body of exciting and innovative language policy scholarship that I know was considered. I’m also grateful to the Foundation for supporting educational language policy research in general in the spirit of Dr. Alatis’ work for and commitment to cross-cultural communication and socially just language education.”

“Dr. Mortimer is one of our most valued Assistant Professors,” said Dr. Cyndi Giorgis, Dean of the College of Education, University of Texas at El Paso. Dr. Giorgis continued, “We are thrilled that she is being recognized with this award.”

Regarding her approach to research, Dr. Mortimer uses linguistic anthropology to study educational language policy implementation and dual language education practices, and especially processes of social identification in both. Her work has included studies of the implementation of universal bilingual education policy in Paraguay, social identification of Latina/o immigrant youth in US schools, and dual language education on the US-Mexico border. She is currently working on a multi-year ethnographic study of policies and practices in secondary-level dual language education, especially features and issues unique to bilingual education at upper levels of schooling. Dr. Mortimer received her doctoral degree in educational linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Alatis Prize was established to honor James E. Alatis, a TIRF founder and long-standing Trustee of the Foundation. TIRF Trustees decided to award an outstanding article or chapter in the field of language planning and policy in educational contexts in Dr. Alatis’ name, as he committed a great deal of his career working in educational policy.

For the 2017 award, nominations of articles published in 2015 or 2016 were solicited. The Foundation’s team of reviewers, who are scholars in the field of language planning and policy, adjudicated the nominations. TIRF Trustees Dick Tucker, Joe Lo Bianco, Jodi Crandall, and Donna Christian helped to shape many of the competition’s details. The result of this process was the choice of Dr. Mortimer’s excellent article.

There will be a formal presentation of the prize at TIRF’s presentation during the 2017 TESOL Convention in Seattle. The session will be hosted on Friday, March 24th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm in Room 604 at the convention center in Seattle. Dr. Denise Murray and TIRF Trustee MaryAnn Christison will give their talk on “Online Language Teacher Education: Participants’ Perceptions and Experiences” immediately after the presentation. Dr. Mortimer will be provided with an award and a check for US $500.

The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) is committed to developing knowledge about English language learning and teaching in various settings through a coherent program of research, dissemination, and networking. TIRF’s Board of Trustees, which serves on a voluntary basis, is drawn from academia, publishing, business, and government. TIRF raises funds entirely from charitable donations. To date, TIRF has awarded monies to fund 121 research projects involving 148 researchers from more than 20 countries.

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ETS Announces New Book Series

ETS (Educational Testing Service) and Routledge are happy to announce the launch of a new book series entitled Innovations in Language Learning and Assessment at ETS. Edited by John Norris, James Purpura, Steven Ross, and Xiaoming Xi, the goal of this series is to publish books that (A) document the development and validation of specific […]

TIRF Trustees Elect Jun Liu as Vice President

We are pleased to announce that long-standing TIRF Trustee Dr. Jun Liu has been elected to serve as TIRF’s first Vice President. This new leadership position was established and entered into TIRF’s official bylaws earlier this year. Serving alongside TIRF President Kathi Bailey and members of the Foundation’s Executive Committee, Dr. Liu will be working […]

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TIRF DDG Awardees Featured in Cambridge SiLT Volume

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Former TIRF Trustee Honored by the American Association for Applied Linguistics

Former TIRF Trustee Dr. Patricia (“Patsy”) Duff has been honored by the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) as the 2017 recipient of the AAAL Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award. Patsy was a member of the TIRF Board of Trustees for six years and served as the Chair of TIRF’s Research Advisory Committee. The AAAL […]

Laureate Languages CoP to Hold TIRF Webinar

We are pleased to announce an upcoming event of interest to researchers and administrators working in language education research. TIRF is working with Laureate Language’s CoP (community of practice) to offer a live webinar, entitled “Introducing TIRF to the Laureate Languages Community,” on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 11am to 12pm ET. The general webinar […]

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Announcing TIRF’s 2016 DDG Awardees

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TIRF at LTRC 2016

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IATEFL’s 50th Anniversary Conference

Editor’s note: In the piece below, TIRF Trustees David Nunan and Nick Saville share some of the IATEFL 50th-anniversary conference highlights. April was a busy month on the conference scene with TESOL and IATEFL both celebrating their 50th birthdays. Following a highly successful TESOL conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, four TIRF trustees (Michael Carrier, John […]

UK Association for Language Testing and Assessment

Editor’s note: TIRF recently became aware of some exciting news about a new association established in our field. We are happy to share the following announcement from Barry O’Sullivan, President of the United Kingdom Association for Language Testing and Assessment (UKALTA). The idea for the UKALTA grew out of the Language Testing Forum (LTF) – […]

New Reference List Offerings

We are pleased to share that over the past couple of months, we have created several new reference lists to share with our stakeholders. The topics of these new additions include Race and Ethnicity, Meta-Analysis in Language Learning & Teaching, Questions in Language Learning & Teaching, Teacher Cognition and Decision Making, Metaphor, and Eye-Tracking Research. […]

New TIRF-Routledge Volume Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that the third book in the TIRF-Routledge Global Research on Teaching and Learning English series has now been published. The volume, Teacher Education and Professional Development in TESOL: Global Perspectives, is edited by two TIRF Trustees, Jodi Crandall and MaryAnn Christison. The following offers a description of the volume (adapted […]

Building Peace in SE Asia through Language Planning and Policy

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Announcing TIRF’s Inaugural Alatis Prize Awardee

During TIRF’s spring Board meeting last year, Trustees unanimously voted to establish the James E. Alatis Prize for Research on Language Policy and Planning in Educational Contexts. The prize was created both to promote research on language planning and policy and to honor long-standing TIRF Trustee, Dr. James “Jim” Alatis, who passed away in February […]

TIRF Announces Second Study on OLTE

We are pleased to announce that TIRF is moving forward with a follow-up study to its first publication on online language teacher education (OLTE). The first study was authored by Dr. Denise Murray, Professor Emerita at Macquarie University. Dr. Murray will be co-authoring this next paper, tentatively entitled “Online Language Teacher Education: Participants’ Experiences and […]

TIRF Trustee David Nunan Honored with Prestigious Award

We are pleased to share that TIRF Trustee David Nunan received the James E. Alatis Award for Service to TESOL during the TESOL Convention in Toronto, Ontario last month. His acceptance speech can be viewed below. According to the TESOL International Association’s website, the purpose of the award is “to acknowledge outstanding and extended service […]

TIRF Trustees Convene for Spring 2015 Board Meeting

On Wednesday, March 25th, the TIRF Board of Trustees convened for their Spring 2015 meeting. With an action-packed agenda, Board members discussed a number of critical activities and issues pertinent to the future success of the Foundation and its mission. One agenda item Board members discussed was future directions in the TIRF-Routledge co-publication series, entitled […]

TIRF Mourns the Loss of Trustee Emeritus Dr. James E. Alatis

With great sorrow in our hearts, we regret to share that TIRF Trustee Emeritus Dr. James E. Alatis passed away on Saturday, February 28th in Arlington, VA. Dr. Alatis, known as Jim to us, was one of TIRF’s founding Trustees. His indomitable legacy will live on for decades to come, as his contributions to TIRF […]

TIRF Trustees’ Activities in Toronto

We asked our Board members to share with us whether they will be presenting at LTRC, AAAL, and/or TESOL. It turns out that Jodi Crandall, Jun Liu, and David Nunan will be particularly busy during their time in Toronto. In case you are interested in meeting with these Trustees, or if you wish to learn […]

TIRF Panel Presentation at 2015 TESOL Convention

With the 2015 TESOL Convention just around the corner, we would be thrilled for you to join us in Toronto! TIRF has a strong history of supporting TESOL Conventions in past years, and once again the Foundation will have a presence at this year’s Convention. TIRF will be hosting a panel presentation at the Metro […]

Second TIRF-Routledge Publication Expected in March 2015

In March 2015, TIRF and Routledge will release Teaching and Learning English Grammar, the second volume in the series, “Global Research on Teaching and Learning English,” which is co-published by TIRF and Routledge. This volume is co-edited by TIRF Trustees MaryAnn Christison (University of Utah) and Donna Christian (Center for Applied Linguistics), former TIRF Trustee […]

40th FAAPI Annual Conference

The 2015 Argentine Federation of English Teachers’ Associations (FAAPI) Conference, organised by ACPI (Córdoba English Teachers’ Association), will bring together ELT professionals from Argentina and other countries to discuss and reflect on classroom challenges and teaching concerns of the new millennium. These include the need to humanize the use of ICTs in the different learning environments, prioritizing learning […]

October 2014 Newsletter Quiz Help

As noted in our November newsletter, in the October 2014 issue of TIRF Today, we offered a trick-or-treat challenge to our readers. The quiz was hosted on TIRF’sbook page. Although we had many replies to our quiz, no one answered all five items correctly. We still are hoping to award a prize to one of […]

The Gift of Giving

This season of the year – harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere – is often recognized as a time for giving thanks. Indeed, Canadian thanksgiving (Jour de l’action de grâce) was celebrated in October. In the US, Thanksgiving will be celebrated this week. Tuesday, December 2 is officially recognized as “Giving Tuesday.” This is a […]

Support TIRF via AmazonSmile

At TIRF, we realize that not every one of our supporters is able to make a financial donation to the Foundation. With this idea in mind, there is an alternative way that you can help provide TIRF meaningful revenue without actually making a donation to the Foundation. Last year, Amazon started a program in which […]

TIRF Activities at the 2014 AILA World Congress

Editor’s note: This piece includes conference summaries from four TIRF Trustees who attended the AILA World Congress earlier this month. We would like to recognize Mr. Michael Carrier, Dr. Jodi Crandall, Dr. Joe Lo Bianco, and Dr. Nick Saville for their contributions to this article. The AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée, or in English, […]

Recent TIRF Publication Presented to Sheikh Nahayan

Editor’s note: In this piece, Dr. Yehia El-Ezabi details his recent trip to the UAE. Please note that TIRF does not incur travel expenses for such trips. On Friday, April 18, 2014, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), TIRF Trustee Emeritus Yehia El-Ezabi and former Trustee Ali Al Sharhan had the distinct pleasure of […]

ELT Conferences in Argentina

Two conferences are set to be held later this year in Argentina. Both events will take place from September 18-20, 2014. The Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Santiago del Estero (APISE) is organizing FAAPI’s (Federación Argentina de Profesores de Inglés) XXXIX Annual Conference. This event is one of the most important meetings in Argentina, as it offers […]

Language Education Policy Discussion Held in Pakistan

One aspect of TIRF’s mission includes influencing language policies around the globe that have an impact on language education. More specifically, this part of our mission states that TIRF seeks “to influence the formation and implementation of appropriate language education policies, recognizing the importance of indigenous languages and cultures worldwide, and of English as an […]

British Council Grant to Support Research in Under-Resourced Areas

We are delighted to announce that the British Council has awarded TIRF a Research Grant of £ 15,000 (fifteen thousand pounds) to the 2014 TIRF Doctoral Dissertation Grants program. The TIRF-British Council grants are intended to support candidates at universities in resource-poor environments (all countries on the OECD DAC list of developing countries). These funds […]

Global Research on Teaching and Learning English

We are pleased to announce a new book series, Global Research on Teaching and Learning English, co-published by TIRF and Routledge. This series showcases research by young scholars from around the world, whose studies have been funded by grants from TIRF, awarded through carefully vetted international competitions. Since 2002, TIRF has commissioned and/or funded research […]

Dr. James E. Alatis Honored as TIRF Trustee Emeritus

At the September 2013 Board of Trustees meeting, Dr. James E. Alatis (known to us as Jim) was honored as a Trustee Emeritus. At that event, Trustees Kathi Bailey, Richard Boyum, MaryAnn Christison, and Dick Tucker shared their thoughts with Jim about his influence on the Foundation and the field. Jim’s wife, Penny, and son, […]

TIRF Board Endorses Two International Policy Statements

Editor’s note: In this piece, Trustee Joe Lo Bianco reports on TIRF’s endorsement of two important international language policy statements.     As part of TIRF’s role to encourage language policies which promote best practices in English teaching and research around the world, the Board of Trustees monitors developments that have the potential to shape the […]

British Council Releases “Culture at Work” Study

The British Council has released a new study regarding the role of intercultural skills in the workplace. The paper, entitled Culture at Work: The Value of Intercultural Skills in the Workplace, can be downloaded for free by clicking here. To provide a preview, the report’s executive summary is included below: The modern workplace is increasingly […]

TIRF Releases “A Case for Online English Language Teacher Education”

TIRF is pleased to announce the release of its 2013 commissioned study, A Case for Online English Language Teacher Education. This paper investigates a range of online professional development opportunities offered by institutions around the world. We would like to recognize TIRF Trustee Dr. David Nunan and Anaheim University for their financial support of this […]

TIRF at 2013 TESOL Convention in Dallas, Texas

The 2013 TESOL Convention is just around the corner. The Convention will be held at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, USA. At this year’s TIRF session, Dr. Denise Murray, Professor Emeritus at Macquarie University and San José State University in California, and TIRF Trustee Dr. MaryAnn Christison will co-present on TIRF’s most recent […]

TIRF’s Year-end Report

The following piece was taken from TIRF’s December issue of TIRF Today, the Foundation’s monthly newsletter. In her piece, Kathi Bailey, President of TIRF, reflects on “Every December,” and encourages readers to read TIRF’s year-end report, which can be viewed by clicking here. Monday, December 17, 2012 As another year comes to a close, I […]

TIRF Welcomes Marti Estell as New Trustee

Marti Estell is the US State Department’s new representative to the TIRF Board of Trustees. We welcomed her to our recent Board meeting in White Plains, New York, via Skype. She provided the Trustees a report on a new initiative between the US State Department and the TESOL International Association. Marti began her post as […]

Alelo Team Visits TIRF

      Alelo means “tongue” or “language” in Hawaiian. Hawaii is a crossroads for languages and cultures throughout the Pacific Rim, and thus is a metaphor for Alelo’s mission. Alelo develops computer-based learning products focused on communication skills and cross cultural competencies needed for particular jobs and missions. The platform uses social simulations in which learners […]

TIRF Event in São Paulo, Brazil (July, 2012)

Earlier this month on Wednesday, July 12th in São Paulo, Brazil, thanks to Trustee Lorraine de Matos and her wonderful team at the Cultura Inglesa there, we hosted our second “TIRF Event” in Brazil. (The first was in 2005, and you can read about it by clicking here.) The event was a panel discussion entitled […]

English at Work Paper Now Available

We are pleased to announce that TIRF’s commissioned research paper, English at Work: An Analysis of Case Reports about English Language Training for the 21st-century Workforce, by Tony Fitzpatrick and Robert O’Dowd, is now available to download. The executive summary of the paper will continue to be available on TIRF’s website as well. The edited […]

TIRF’s 2012 TESOL Talk Now Available on SlideShare

For any individual who missed TIRF’s presentation last month at the TESOL Convention, you may now watch the slidecast from the event. (In general, a slidecast features a PPT presentation with the speaker’s recorded voice to accompany the slides.) The entire presentation, which includes a question-and-answer session at the end of the talk, can be […]

TIRF Board Elects Three New Trustees

At its board meeting in Philadelphia on March 28th, the TIRF Board elected three new Trustees. Here is some information about them. Andrew B. Sugerman is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney English in Shanghai, China. He received a Master of Business Administration with High Honors from The University of Chicago, Booth Graduate […]

TIRF Presentation at TESOL 2012, Philadelphia

At the TESOL Convention in Philadelphia this past week, TIRF launched its latest commissioned study, English at Work: An Analysis of Case Reports about English Language Training for the 21st-century Workforce. After a brief “meet and greet,” the study was summarized by co-author Tony Fitzpatrick, who noted several high points of the analysis of twenty […]

TIRF Trustee Receives Prestigious Award

TIRF Trustee MaryAnn Christison, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Utah, was recently honored with the James Alatis award “in recognition of outstanding and extended service to TESOL.” In making the award, TESOL President Dr. Christine Coombe sited MaryAnn’s seven-year term of service on the TESOL Board of Directors, including being President from 1997-1998, […]

You are Invited! TIRF at TESOL 2012 in Philadelphia

You are cordially invited to attend the TIRF presentation at the TESOL Convention in Philadelphia. The main presenter will be Tony Fitzpatrick, one of the authors of TIRF’s new monograph, English at Work: An Analysis of Case Reports of English Language Training for the 21st-century Workforce. He will summarize the literature review, explain the research […]

TESOL Quarterly September special topic issue: Narrative Research in TESOL

TIRF at 2011 TESOL – Presentations Now Online

At the 2011 TESOL Convention held in New Orleans this past March, several TIRF Board members participated in a panel presentation entitled, “Regional Perspectives on English: Current Status and Future Trends.” The panelists addressed the current status of English and predicted future trends in various parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Issues included […]

The Language of Business

Read about TIRF’s view on the role of languages in business education, The Language of Business.

Early Language Learning in Europe

For research reports about the project called Early Language Learning in Europe, please visit www.ellieresearch.eu

TIRF Presentation at the TESOL Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, 2010

Three New TIRF Board Members Elected

The United Kingdom’s, The Guardian, connects TIRF’s report on plurilingualism to sport

International companies rely on the language skills of their staff to grow and compete across borders, but more research needs to be done to understand the role of languages in business and to develop effective training. This is the finding of a report published by The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF), a […]

TIRF Presentation at the TESOL Convention in Denver, Colorado, 2009

The International Research Foundation is developing a series of reports that addresses key, unanswered questions regarding policies and practices in English language education worldwide. The first of these reports, “The Impact of English and Plurilingualism in Global Corporations,”  was presented at the 2009 TESOL Convention in Denver. To see a summary of this report, please click […]

TIRF Breakfast at the TESOL Convention, New York, New York, 2008

On April 3, 2008, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a breakfast at the Sheraton New York in New York City, honoring TIRF’s supporters, reviewers, and grant recipients. The breakfast was held in conjunction with the international TESOL convention. This year TIRF celebrates its 10th year of existence. Kathleen Bailey, TIRF trustee, introduced the program […]

TIRF Breakfast at the TESOL Convention, Seattle, Washington, 2007

On March 22, 2007, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a breakfast in Seattle, Washington, USA, honoring TIRF’s supporters, reviewers, and grant recipients. The breakfast was held in conjunction with the international TESOL convention. The guest of honor was long time donor and supporter of TIRF activities, Betty Azar, who has funded TIRF Priority Research […]

TIRF Breakfast at the TESOL Convention, Tampa, Florida, 2006

On March 16, 2006, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a breakfast in Tampa, Florida honoring TIRF’s supporters, reviewers, and grant recipients. Joan gave an inspirational speech explaining why she gives to TIRF. Penny and Jim were recognized for their continued work with TIRF since before its inception as a foundation. After welcome remarks from […]

AAAL Wine and Cheese Reception, 2006

June 19, 2006 Hyatt Hotel, Montreal, Canada On June 19, 2006, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a wine and cheese reception at the 2006 AAAL Convention in Montreal, Canada. The reception honored TIRF’s supporters and introduced TIRF to newcomers. Patsy Duff, Chair of the Research Advisory Committee, gave a short presentation entitled, “What is […]

Brazil Event, 2005

Centro Brasileiro Britanico TESOL International Research Foundation Simpósio Inglês no processo educacional: ampliando oportunidades e promovendo mobilidade social April 25-26, 2005 Participants and special guests included the Cultura Inglesa President and members of its Executive board, British Council Directors SP, USA embassy/consulate staff, British consulate staff, São Paulo Secretaries of Education (both state and municipality), […]

UAE Event, 2005

March 12, 2005 Dubai, United Arab Emirates The first TIRF Dissemination Event took place in Dubai, UAE on Saturday March 12, 2005. It was hosted by the UAE Ministry of Education under the auspices of the Minister, Sheikh Nahayan, who delegated the Undersecretary of Education, Dr. Jamal Al Muhairi, to inaugurate the event which was […]

TIRF Breakfast at the TESOL Convention, San Antonio, 2005

On March 31, 2005, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a breakfast in San Antonio, Texas, honoring TIRF’s supporters, reviewers, and grant recipients. The guest of honor was long-term TIRF Board member and donor Joan Morley, Professor Emerita from the University of Michigan. After welcome remarks from TIRF Chair, Neil Anderson, Diane Larsen-Freeman honored Joan […]

TIRF Breakfast at the TESOL Convention, Long Beach, 2004

The 2004 breakfast honoring TIRF’s supporters was held in Long Beach, California. The guest of honor was Marge Campbell, wife of Russell N. Campbell. Doug Brown talked about why he gives to TIRF.

Alexandria, VA Event: February, 2001

Front row: Joan Morley (University of Michigan), Donald Freeman (School for International Training), and Patsy Lightbown (Concordia University). Second row: Koffi Edoh (World Bank), Ray Clifford (Interagency Language Roundtable), Art Wise (NCATE), and Kees de Bot (Nijmegen University). Standing: Patricia Duff (University of British Columbia), Donna Christian (Center for Applied Linguistics), Roy Gilbert (Oxford University […]