The winners of TIRF’s 2023 Alatis Prize – Dr. Wayne Wright, Dr. Sovicheth Boun, and Dr. Virak Chan – leveraged the assistance of SciTube to further disseminate the findings of their award-winning research. The company produced a video that narrates the context of the study, its key takeaways, and other details in a four-plus minute animated clip that is hosted on YouTube.

The Wright et al. (2022) article, “Implementation of Multilingual Mother Tongue Education in Cambodian Public Schools for Indigenous Ethnic Minority Students” (Educational Linguistics, De Gruyter Mouton), helps to demonstrate the effectiveness of multilingual education as an approach for ensuring equitable access to education for indigenous students. This unique way of sharing research results helps to highlight issues in our field for individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, especially those who may not read a lengthy academic paper. 

Click here to view the video on SciTube.