We are pleased to announce that as part of our celebration of 25 years as a foundation, TIRF now has a total of 250 reference lists available as a resource. For those of you who are new subscribers to TIRF Today, these resources consist of Word documents that can be downloaded for free and used by anyone who may need this resource: teachers, researchers, teacher educators, program administrators, test developers, etc. The collection can be found by clicking here.

There are newly added reference lists on five topics: health literacy, spelling, autoethnography, biliteracy, and high-stakes testing. We are especially grateful to Maricel Santos and Stefanie Harsch-Oria for their contribution of the references on health literacy.

If you would like to contribute citations to this collection, or suggest a new topic, please email your citations to TIRF Trustee Kathi Bailey ([email protected]), who helps to curate the collection.

“We started the collection in the early 2000’s,” Kathi said, “beginning with some reference lists I shared with the graduate students in my language assessment course and my seminar on applied linguistics research. The number of topics grew as my students completed research projects on a wide range of topics and gave me permission to share their lists. Later, when I was clearing out old paper files about TIRF’s history, I found a note in some early meeting minutes that the original Trustees had suggested sharing reference lists among the research community.”

Kathi added that citations should be in current APA format. Please note that we do not include citations for unpublished conference presentations, language textbooks, or unpublished MA theses or doctoral dissertations.

On the reference list landing page, you will see the colorful logos of the many organizations that support TIRF by sponsoring one or more reference lists. We are very grateful to these organizations for their support.

You may click here to view a list of available reference lists awaiting sponsorship. If you have any questions about this resource or are interested in sponsoring a list, please write to [email protected].