Anthony Acevedo

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Tony Acevedo has been elected as TIRF’s newest Board of Trustees member. In this piece, we provide background information about him.

Mr. Anthony Acevedo is Academic Manager at Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA), an accredited binational center in Lima, Peru. ICPNA promotes cultural exchange between Peru and the United States through the development of educational resources and collaborative innovation.

Anthony has been involved in English language teaching as a teacher, educator, author, and program administrator for more than two decades. He received a dual degree from the University of North Georgia in Psychology and Recreation Administration and an MA from the University of Alabama in Secondary Education. His continued studies include academic management, project management, strategic planning and leadership, program standards, transformational leadership, and educational technology. He is a member of TESOL and AAAL.

Anthony is involved in grant-funded programs and government projects that provide learning opportunities across Peru. These initiatives include College Horizons Outreach Programs (CHOP), National Program of Educational Scholarships and Grants (PRONABEC), University of San Marcos Future Leaders Program, English Access Scholarships (Access), and Peruvian Ministry of Education General English Programs (MINEDU).

His goals at ICPNA focus on sustainable program quality and development aligned with international standards, student and teacher satisfaction and continued professional growth. His interests include designing educational materials for classroom and online use and collaboration in data analysis and research.

Commenting on Anthony’s election, Kathi Bailey said the following: “I am delighted that Tony has been elected to the TIRF Board. I have known him for many years, and he is a great administrator, teacher educator, and thinker. I know he will contribute a great deal to the Foundation.”

Please join us in welcoming Anthony to TIRF’s Board of Trustees!