Join Dr. Joy Peyton for her talk, “Practicing Nonviolent Communication: Speaking the Language of Peace in the Classroom and Society,” which will be held on November 2nd at 3:30pm ET. Interested individuals can either attend in person in Fairfax, VA or online via YouTube.

The remainder of this announcement is being shared from Virginia International University’s School of Education, as part of their “Voices from the Field” (VFF) series.

Talk Summary: Many of us are interested in and strive for peaceful engagement in our families, communities, schools, and nation, and there are strong calls for peace within our education community (e.g., Oxford, 2013; The Language of Peace: Communicating to Create Harmony), and in international engagement initiatives (e.g., Gopin, 2016; Healing the Heart of Conflict). However, understandings about ways to live in peace often remain abstract, and the language that we observe in politics, the media, and even in education (and that we use ourselves) is often filled with judgments, labels, and blame. We increasingly see misunderstandings and division across, and even within, the groups that we care about and engage with. The goal of this talk is to review key principles and components of nonviolent communication, which teachers can use with learners and colleagues and in their classes, and all of us can use in our daily lives. These include ways to Observe, express our own Feelings, understand our Needs, and make Requests.

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. Please register at least 24 hours before the event. If registration is full, please put yourself on the waiting list, as we will try to find a larger room for the session if necessary.

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