We are pleased to announce the publication of the sixth book in TIRF’s partnership with Routledge Taylor Francis. The new volume, Global Perspectives on Language Education Policies, has been edited by TIRF Trustees, Jodi Crandall and Kathi Bailey.

The volume includes a foreword by Joe Lo Bianco and an epilogue by Dick Tucker, who are also members of the TIRF Board. In addition, it features chapters by Shondel Nero and Katherine Mortimer, the 2015 and 2016 recipients, respectively, of the TIRF James E. Alatis Prize for Research on Language Policy and Planning in Educational Contexts. The majority of the chapters were contributed by TIRF Doctoral Dissertation Grantees. To view chapter titles and authors, click here and select the “Contents” tab.

“I am very excited to see this volume in print,” said Jodi Crandall. “This newest volume in the TIRF-Routledge partnership features studies by our Doctoral Dissertation Grantees and the first two Alatis Prize recipients. We are very proud to showcase their research,” she added.

Kathi Bailey, the co-editor, noted that the production of this volume was greatly aided by the work of Kelly Donovan, a graduate of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), where Kathi teaches. “Kelly’s time on this project was funded by a grant from the Wyckoff Academic Excellence Fund at MIIS. I am very grateful to my school administration for the crucial support that Kelly provided us.”

What was Kelly’s experience on this project? She wrote, “My responsibilities as an editorial assistant have included checking reference lists and in-text citations for accuracy, formatting manuscripts to APA style, providing suggestions for editing, emailing and communicating with chapter authors and publisher contacts, and indexing the author and subject information.”

Kelly also maintained a tracking chart that showed Jodi and Kathi what had been done and what they needed to do next. “Kelly’s management of this project was key to getting the job done on a very tight timeline,” Kathi added.

However, Kelly felt that she benefited as well. She wrote, “Being able to participate in the editing process has greatly improved my awareness as a writer. I now look at my own writing through the lens of an editor by asking myself the same questions I learned to ask during the editing process. I have also gained valuable contacts with leading applied linguists and teachers in the field. In addition, I am now more intimately familiar with the publishing and editing process. As an aspiring PhD student and researcher, this insight helps prepare me for future research that I might wish to publish.”

Editors and authors who work on the books in the TIRF-Routledge series forego any royalties or honoraria, so that any profits raised by the sale of the books can be dedicated to sustaining TIRF’s ongoing programs. Pre-order sales of the volume are now possible – click here to learn more.