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Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association (UzTEA)

UzTEA was established in 1996. UzTEA’s mission is linking, developing and supporting English Language teaching professionals. The purposes of the Association are:

to promote and encourage cooperation and exchange among teachers of English language, literature, and linguistics, and others engaged in those activities, and to promote academic work and foster research and study in this field; to promote the exchange of ideas, information, and experience relevant to the concerns of its members through meetings, educational seminars, publications, correspondence, and other such activities; to encourage the development and dissemination of superior methods of teaching English language, linguistics, and literature, and to aid in the attainment of increased teaching expertise, broad competence, intellectual depth, and overall professional excellence; to publish the newsletter of the Association, and other materials. Especially, to keep updated regional, national, and international developments in the fields, mentioned above and related areas.