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The Honduran English Language Teachers Association was founded on November 2014 with funding by the U.S. State Department Alumni Innovation Engagement Fund (AEIF). Its mission is to provide quality educational training and varied opportunities for networking to promote ELT improvement throughout Honduras. The association’s vision is to empower English teachers in Honduras pedagogically and methodologically in order to create a country where English is taught through quality instruction and best practices and is available and accessible everywhere and to everyone in Honduras.

The association’s mission and vision is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Learning: HELTA Honduras TESOL aims to address the needs of learners, hence it focuses on learner-centered approaches to training.
  • Collaboration: HELTA Honduras TESOL believes professionals reach success through collaboration which is is why networks and connections are at the core of what they do.
  • Best Practices: Since part of the association’s mission is to make teaching relevant to its learners’ needs and interests, the organizations seeks to utilize best practices in its training programs that can be modified to fit each context in Honduras.
  • Empowerment: HELTA Honduras TESOL strives to include in its programs activities that generate innovation, creativity, and stir curiosity in teachers so that it can promote change and empowerment in teachers.