Did you know that you can show your support of TIRF and co-brand with the Foundation while elevating your organization’s brand for just 28 cents per day?

How? Sponsor a TIRF reference list for just $100!

What are the benefits? There are many – here are four:

  • Visibility: Your team’s logo will be included in TIRF’s “Reference Lists” web page, which boasts thousands of online visitors each year. Additionally, your logo will appear in our newsletter.
  • Co-Brand: Your logo will appear alongside TIRF’s in three different places.
  • Give Back: Support TIRF’s mission of improving others’ lives through the power of language education and research.
  • Scholarly Contribution: Our field relies upon research, and the resource you’ll be sponsoring will help individuals in our field advance our field.

Just recently, TIRF renewed the support of National Geographic Learning and onboarded a new partner, GATESOL (Georgia Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). We are grateful for our colleagues’ outstanding support at both of these organizations!The “fine print” associated with this opportunity includes the following:

  1. Partnering organizations sponsor one TIRF reference list for $100 per year.
  2. Sponsorship may be renewed annually at the discretion of the partnering organization.
  3. While not mandatory, your organization may contribute items to the reference list it is sponsoring or to other lists TIRF maintains.

You may click here to view a list of available reference lists awaiting sponsorship. If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a list, please write to [email protected].