FAAPITwo conferences are set to be held later this year in Argentina. Both events will take place from September 18-20, 2014.

The Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Santiago del Estero (APISE) is organizing FAAPI’s (Federación Argentina de Profesores de Inglés) XXXIX Annual Conference. This event is one of the most important meetings in Argentina, as it offers the opportunity to meet colleagues from different parts of the world and to update knowledge on areas relevant to the English language teaching profession.

The second event is the first ever Latin American Conference for Teachers of English. This conference will be held at the same time as event described above. The theme of the conference is “EFL Teaching & Learning in the Post Methods Era.” The call for proposals deadline is May 30, 2014. Click here to learn more about submitting a paper to this conference.

To find out more information about the Federation, the Association, registration, and other conference-related information please visit http://www.faapi.org.ar/ and http://www.apise.org.ar.