Part of TIRF’s mission is to collect, organize, and disseminate information and research on the teaching and learning of language. One way the Foundation addresses this goal is by sharing reference lists on topics of interest to language teachers, researchers, test developers, teacher educators, materials developers, and program administrators.

There are now over 225 reference lists available on the website. We regularly update the existing lists and add new ones whenever we have the material. As you can see, this month we are delighted to share four new topics with you. There is a new reference list on burnout, as well as reference lists about Thai-speaking learners of English, Vietnamese-speaking learners of English, and Pakistani learners of English.

Many thanks to Greg Ford, Xinxin Liu, Caleb Powers, Kalina Swanson, and all the authors in TIRF’s newest book (Research on Teaching and Learning English in Under-Resourced Contexts) for sharing their resources to help build TIRF’s reference list collection.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the reference list collection is welcome to email Kathi directly ([email protected]) and send a Word document with citations in APA format. Please be advised that we do not include conference presentations or unpublished masters theses or doctoral dissertations in TIRF’s reference lists. We hope this resource will be helpful to you in your carrying out your own professional responsibilities.