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Asociación Nacional Universitaria de Profesores de Inglés (ANUPI)

The mission of the National Association of English Teachers at University Level (non-profit organization), is to improve the quality of the teaching of English as a foreign language (EFL/ESL) in Mexico, to promote the professional development of those involved in the profession, and to initiate and support research in this area.  The objectives of the National Association of English Teachers at University Level are to:

  • Encourage professional development in the teaching of EFL/ESL through the establishment of links between teachers and public and private universities in Mexico, as well as abroad;
  • Support the development of a network for reflection, analysis and systematization of educational practices in Mexico with the objective to share between colleagues our successes and experiences;
  • Publicize and stimulate the activities related to teaching and research with specialists in the area;
  • Organize academic and cultural activities;
  • Establish standards to guarantee quality in academic EFL/ESL teacher training programs at bachelors and graduate levels, as well as design a profile that specifies the knowledge and abilities essential for graduates from these programs;
  • Specify the mechanisms for the certification of teachers that meet the profile and who wish to receive a national or international certification;
  • Establish criteria for the evaluation of teachers who possess different levels of proficiency of the English language; and
  • Accredit academic EFL/ESL teacher preparation programs in Mexico at bachelors and graduate levels.