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Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies

TIRF Newsletter Issue Date: October 2012


Description: CERLL conducts research on teaching, learning, curricula, assessment, and policies related to education in languages and literacies in schools as well as in adult education, work, and community contexts. In Ontario, Canada, second languages primarily involve English and French, the official languages of the country.

Examples of Activities:

  1. CERLL professors administer numerous grants and contracts for school boards, international organizations, and federal, provincial, and other agencies.
  2. The Centre hosts a biweekly colloquium series of public lectures, an informal seminar series among graduate students, and occasional lectures by visiting scholars, as well as co-hosting a conference each spring, Celebrating Linguistic Diversity, with language educators in the Toronto District School Board.
  3. These and other activities are documented in annual reports, presented to the Centre’s Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives from government agencies, educational institutions, and professional.