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Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment

TIRF Newsletter Issue Date: February 2013


Description(s): The Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA) at the University of Bedfordshire is a research center focused on language proficiency and language assessment. CRELLA was established in 2005 with the appointment of Professor Cyril Weir to the Powdrill Chair in English Language Acquisition. Since then, CRELLA has worked to build a research base, and it is now the largest specialist university research center in language assessment in the UK.

Examples of Activities:

  1. The Centre offers scholars, examining boards, and government organizations, both domestic and overseas, a centre in Britain that can assist in and provide quality research and development in the areas of English language learning and assessment.
  2. A major area of Centre activity is research into the nature of and improving methodologies for measuring English language proficiency. Research consultancies pro-vided by the Centre in English language testing and evaluation are currently helping to develop foreign language testing in a number of countries. To see a list of current research projects underway at CRELLA, click here.
  3. CRELLA also hosts a free “webzone” with extensive resources on language assessment, which can be accessed by clicking here.