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The Estonian Association of Teachers of English (EATE)

The Estonian Association of Teachers of English (EATE) was founded 23 November 1991 in Tartu, Estonia as EL teachers had felt the necessity to co-operate, get more information about teaching methods and materials and attend in-service training courses. Today there are 260 members from all over Estonia, both schoolteachers and university lecturers, in EATE. EATE has also made enquiries to the Ministry of Education and National Examination Board in connection with the problems about the National Exam in English. EATE members participate in the work of the English Board and various working groups. EATE is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) which is our umbrella organisation. EATE members have participated in IATEFL Annual Conferences, 40 teachers are individual members of IATEFL.