We have been sharing periodic updates about new additions to TIRF’s Board of Trustees over the last year. In this piece, we provide updates on three Trustees who are rotating off the Board.

Mitch Legutke, Andy Curtis, and Joyce Kling combined to serve TIRF for more than 13 years. Their career backgrounds, professional experiences, and commitment to TIRF helped the Foundation in numerous ways. Mitch was a long-time member of TIRF’s Research Advisory Committee, Andy was the Chair of TIRF’s Publications Advisory Committee, and Joyce was instrumental in laying the groundwork for TIRF’s awards and partnerships efforts (mentioned elsewhere in the March edition of TIRF Today). All three of these Trustees served as external reviewers for the Foundation and made numerous other contributions during their tenure on the Board.

While we are sorry to see these Trustees depart TIRF’s leadership team, we are happy to see them pursuing other various activities. Thank you, Mitch, Andy, and Joyce, for your years of service and generous support of TIRF and its constituencies!