On March 31, 2005, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a breakfast in San Antonio, Texas, honoring TIRF’s supporters, reviewers, and grant recipients. The guest of honor was long-term TIRF Board member and donor Joan Morley, Professor Emerita from the University of Michigan.

After welcome remarks from TIRF Chair, Neil Anderson, Diane Larsen-Freeman honored Joan Morley and talked about “Why I Give to TIRF”. Patsy Duff, Chair of the Research Advisory Committee, introduced the grant recipients, and recent TIRF initiatives were discussed by trustees Yehia El-Ezabi and Mike McCarthy.

TIRF gratefully acknowledges the support of Alta Books of California, which provided funding to support this event. Funds from a Spencer Foundation grant also supported TIRF’s continuing efforts to build networking opportunities for researchers and graduate students in our field.

TIRF Trustee Mike McCarthy addresses the foundation’s supporters.
Guest speaker Diane Larsen-Freeman tells TIRF supporters why she gives to the foundation. She also recognized Joan Morley's many contributions to TIRF.