TIRF partnered with Routledge seven years ago to launch the TIRF-Routledge series on “Global Research on Teaching and Learning English.” Now, that partnership is expanding further via one of Taylor & Francis’ newest projects. (Please note that Taylor & Francis is the parent company of Routledge.)

Using the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, Taylor & Francis is building a large specialist library online. It comprises thousands of published book chapters and journal articles, together with a wide range of applied and practical teaching and learning materials. Such materials are sourced from global expert authors and include their essays, lesson plans, presentations, and videos.

The Sustainable Development Goals Online (SDGO) Project has been created for institutional libraries. It aims to engage many of the world’s 200 million higher education students, tutors, and university researchers in addressing these critical challenges. The intention is to build and develop the collection to track the progress of the SDGO initiative until at least 2030. While individuals will need to have paid access to utilize the collection of resources, the SDGO initiative is being created with some materials that are freely available.

TIRF has moved ahead with Taylor & Francis in order to support this important initiative. Over the months and year ahead, the Foundation will assist the project in various ways, including the following:

  • Providing TIRF-produced publications and resources to SDGO project leaders;
  • Promoting the SDGO website via TIRF’s network;
  • Contributing comment pieces for SDGO’s platforms; and
  • Assigning a TIRF Board member to SDGO’s advisory board.

We will continue to update our supporters as momentum is gained in this project. We encourage our website visitors and TIRF Today readers to learn more about this project at the links above.