As 2023 winds to a close, we are pleased to tell you that TIRF’s collection of reference lists has been updated. There are now free reference lists on 247 topics of interest to researchers, language teachers, program administrators, test developers, policymakers, materials writers, and others in our field.

The reference lists are stored as Word documents, so anyone can download and use them. For instance, you can access the lists to help you find information on a particular topic, to prepare for a conference presentation, to write a literature review, and so on.

We have plans to continue refreshing the existing lists and to add to the collection in 2024. If you would like to contribute material for the reference lists, please keep these points in mind:

  1. We do not cite unpublished MA theses or doctoral dissertations or conference presentations.
  2. Citations must be complete and must be sent in current APA format. (For help with APA formatting, The Owl at Purdue is an excellent resource.)
  3. If you want to send just a few citations, they can be included in the body of an email, although attaching a Word document is more helpful for us.

If you would like to send additions to current reference lists or start a new topic, please send your suggested citations to TIRF Trustee, Dr. Kathi Bailey, who curates the reference lists collection, at [email protected] (copied to [email protected]). Also, please tell her whether or not she may add your name to the list of contributors on the reference list landing page. (Please see the names in the purple box.) We are very grateful to everyone who has sent TIRF citations for inclusion.