After a year’s pause due to the pandemic, TIRF’s work with Chengdu Duoweimingju (DWMJ) Institute of Education have resumed. We are pleased to report here on our activities with our China-based partner.

The Foundation’s Spring 2021 Speaker Series for DWMJ was completed earlier this month. The theme of the session was “The Changing Nature of Language Teaching: Technological and Pedagogical Innovations.” Members of DWMJ had the opportunity to learn from and interact with well-recognized experts in this area, with a great deal of practical guidance provided for teachers.

The speakers and the names of their presentations follow here:

“The Flipped Language Classroom and Beyond,” by Dr. Phil Hubbard

“The Future of Language Education: Designing Meaningful Experiences,” by Dr. Greg Kessler

“Blended Learning in ELT,” by Mr. Michael Carrier (TIRF Trustee)

The format of the spring presentations was altered slightly compared to TIRF’s 2019 Fall presentations for DWMJ. Presenters were asked to pre-record a 75-minute video that colleagues could watch on their own time, and then participate in a live 45-minute Q&A session. The added flexibility for colleagues in China helped to produce a very engaging discussion period with each of the experts.

TIRF’s activities with DWMJ will resume later this year. We will continue to update our supporters as further information becomes available!