TIRF’s latest Board meeting took place last week. Once again, the Foundation’s Trustees met online, as gatherings face-to-face remain unlikely as the pandemic stretches into 2021. Nevertheless, the Trustees worked through a busy agenda and advanced several important initiatives.

In previous updates, we have shared information about TIRF’s growing Professional Service offerings. The newest of these opportunities is “TIRF Talks” – an initiative that will allow the Foundation to serve individuals and organizations in our field as an expert speakers bureau. This activity will add to TIRF’s revenue stream while helping to advance the dissemination of research findings and sound pedagogical practices. Over the next several months, TIRF supporters can expect a series of promotional materials from TIRF’s central office. Click here to learn more about this initiative.

Another area of current focus for the Foundation involves global partnerships and awards. Via this initiative, the Foundation will seek to further its global reach through collaborating with like-minded organizations, including companies, publishers, ministries of education, and so on. In addition, TIRF wishes to acknowledge the good work that is being done by such types of organizations, as well as individuals. One way to do so is through making awards in acknowledgement of their support of our field. As these opportunities advance in the months ahead, we will share further information with our supporters.

Participants at TIRF’s Spring 2021 Meeting

The working group charged with tying the aforementioned activities together along with the rest of TIRF’s programs and operations is our communications and marketing team. Trustees in this group are initially working toward the development of a new TIRF website. However, they will also focus on improving upon how TIRF communicates its research findings, activities, and positions more effectively to individuals both inside and beyond our field.

As a reminder, TIRF’s Trustees serve on a completely voluntary basis. Their travel expenses are not covered by the Foundation, nor do they receive a stipend or honorarium for their service. The collective efforts of TIRF’s Board members are pivotal in advancing the Foundation’s mission.

We look forward to sharing further updates from TIRF’s Trustees in the near future. Stay tuned to TIRF Today and our website for more information!