TIRF is embarking on a new project to further its work in language education. The TIRF Language Education in Review (LEiR) series is being developed to address some of our field’s most pressing issues.

Papers in the series will be relatively short in length and will appeal to a wide audience of readers. Beyond stakeholders in language education, the TIRF LEiR papers will be accessible to policy makers, business people, administrators, and other key decision makers. One feature of the series is to help understand how we, as a field, can move from theory and research to practice.

TIRF President Kathi Bailey had this to say about this project: “We are very excited to be launching the Language Education in Review series. For some time, the TIRF Trustees have been generating ideas about how to reach beyond the circle of language teaching professionals and applied linguists who share our educational culture backgrounds and professional values. We believe this new series of short papers is a key step in that direction.”

The LEiR series is particularly important in light of TIRF’s mission statement. As part of TIRF’s mission, we aim to promote the application of research to practical language problems, as well as to disseminate information concerning language education. The LEiR series is thus a vehicle for TIRF to work toward its mission.

Andy Curtis, the Chair of TIRF’s Publication Committee, made this point: “The LEiR series is an exciting, new initiative, and an important part of TIRF’s work, in helping to bridge the gap between professional researchers in universities and decision-makers in the field, linking theory and practice in mutually beneficial ways.”

We intend to release the first paper in the Series later this year. Announcements will be made via our website, TIRF Today, and our social media channels.