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Association of Language Testers of Europe (ALTE)

The Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) is an association of institutions within Europe, each of which produces examinations and certification for language learners. Each member provides examinations of the language which is spoken as a mother tongue in their own country or region. With the breaking down of international barriers between European states and increasing opportunities for the members of the workforce to move from one country to another, the need for transferability of qualifications is clear. The principle objectives of ALTE are (1) to address issues of quality and fairness related to the examinations which the members provide; (2) to establish common standards for all stages of the language-testing process and to adhere to those standards: that is, for test development, task and item writing, test administration, marking and grading, reporting of test results, test analysis and reporting of findings; (3) to promote the transnational recognition of certification in Europe by reference to the common levels of proficiency established by ALTE members and the Common European Framework of Reference; (4) to engage in activities for the improvement of language testing and assessment in Europe through collaboration on joint projects and in the exchange of ideas, know-how and sharing of best practice, especially through the medium of special interest groups; (5) to provide training in language testing and assessment; (6) to raise awareness on issues related to language assessment; and (7) to provide leadership in the field of language assessment globally.